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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Death of Janome

I love my Janome sewing machine. We understand each other. There is friendship, shared tears and a bond that cannot be broken between us. We have gone through much together..... and now the damned thing CRAPPED OUT on me! Actually, I think I bent some inner mechanism so the needles keep hitting the metal and snapping. I have gone through 10 needles in the past few days. So I have finally given up and switched to a Singer that Tina graciously lent me as a back up singer (lol). There is a lack of trust with the new machine. I keep reaching for the wrong buttons and I have to look everything up. And as far as I can see there is no little button to sink the needle in and keep it there for when you need to turn the material. And it's computerized! EEEWWWW! But it was very sweet of Tina and I appreciate the fact that I am still able to create stuff even though my trusted sewing partner (not Tina, the Janome) is very, very sick. Perhaps even dying. May she rest in peace.