We are the world's worst fabri - holics. We cannot resist buying fabric even though we already have enough to supply a fabric store for years. We are currently interviewing therapists to help us with this problem but we really need someone who understands and enables us. Want to apply for the job?

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, Karen has set out the background history. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't so technologically savy. I am the more "who cares what we have to say" member of the team. But we do make some beautiful creations and I would love for the world to see them! We sometimes get discouraged ,but I have to keep reminding myself that times are hard for everyone right now and things will improve. In the meantime, I have to stop myself from ordering more fabric because I do believe it is a bit of a sickness that I have. I am sure there are many others of you out there that can relate. Now I must get back to work. I have to make some bags for my family for Easter. This is partly out of the goodness of my heart, but mainly because they live in South Orange County (which for those of you outside of California is considered a very ritzy area), and I am hoping they will spread the word of our bags to their other rich friends!
So, lunch was fun and Jill is going to borrow one of my jackets for her luncheon. She and her daughter belong to a service organization and they have luncheons to raise money for things. We had lunch at this restaurant (I will have to look up the name of it) that was really good. And they sold different types of bread in their bakery. Of course, I bought some. It is tomato basil bread and I bought it unsliced so I can make thick sandwiches with it. Doesn't that sound good?

Our First Blog

Okay, here is is everybody (or nobody as the case may be) our first blog. Tina works at her husband's law firm by day and is a designer by night/weekend. Karen doesn't work outside the home, her husband does that! Lucky girl! So I (Karen) am able to address you fine people and tell you what is going on in my world right now. At the moment I am getting ready to go out to lunch with my friend Jill who I haven't seen in al really long time. She asked me to look in my closet for a spring dress she could borrow to wear to a luncheon she's going to (we are the same size except she's taller and prettier!) This caused me to realize just how little I have to offer in the way of clothing to be borrowed! I need to go SHOPPING! Anyway, that's all for now.