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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello All!
I was off from work yesterday because my daughter was sick.. I was so glad! (not that she was sick, but because i didn't have to go to work). I need more time to work on the bags, hats, etc. I also need to sew some clothes for work. This is also therapy for me. I don't have to dress fancy for work, but somewhat work appropriate. I like wearing things i have made because they are unusual and different and more me than things you buy at TJ Maxx (my favorite store!). Anyway, I will probably cut out a blouse this evening just to get back into the swing of apparel sewing. Have to get back to work... Tina
no jury duty again today. yeah! i know this can't last. but i will enjoy it while it does. going to get water and chips for my son's school carnival today and then, finish the curtain hat (the bag is done) and starting the brown and pink hat and maybe the new sling bag that tina designed. she made me a pattern (thanks, girlfriend!). i think i will add the side pocket we talked about too. depending on the amount of fabric i have. haven't decided what fabric to use. hmmmm.....looking forward to choosing (my favorite part of the process). have a great day!