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Monday, May 25, 2009

so what do you think of the changes to the blog? pretty festive, no?
okay, no one may be reading our blog (probably not even our loyal jessica), but at least we have twitter followers! who knew we were so interesting! today, jon left for his outdoor education trip to yosemite with school. he was excited not to be doing homework for a week. i think that was the big draw. we did have a drama last night because his braces broke and everyone was out of town. but a family friend who is a dentist fixed them temporarily for us. thanks terry! today i am trying desperately to finish the hat that i am (yes) making for myself. i figure i am good advertisement. they even make me look good! then i am going to try to work on another sling bag. i think they may be the bag of the future. (our future, hopefully). back to work, no more slacking! have a good day.