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Thursday, June 4, 2009

good morning. jon's last day of school before finals. and they are all going to magic mountain on friday night. i used to work there (before the dawn of time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth). since i was not a long time employee, i got the really boring rides. i worked the dragon (a very slow way to get up the hill - basically only old people took it) and spin out (that horrible ride they have at carnivals where you go so fast round and round that the centrifugal force makes you stick to the walls......lots of stomach issues....'nuff said). everything is roller coasters , now. not my favorite thing. i like disneyland better - there's stuff to do that doesn't involve being thrown around like a rag doll and in all directions no human being should go in. anyway, i plan on finishing a hat today before i go to the eye doctor. i think i need new glasses. bummer! have a good day. karen