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Monday, April 20, 2009

tina puts me to shame. she works, takes care of her mentally disabled daughter, writes in our blog twice and she has time to make me a pattern for the new tote. i am constantly amazed by her. i have been very lazy today. all i really did was go to joann's and get 20 yds of interfacing. enough to make hats for everyone in new york. :) oh and i paid the bills (always an uplifting experience). i guess i should go to work on another hat. i think i will finish the brown and pink one next. look for it tomorrow sometime!
I am exhausted tonight. It is way too hot here for this time of year (about 100 degrees!).. and i had to go to Costco after work. And I remind you that I work with my aging (not gracefully) father-in-law who is 81 years old and refuses to retire. I think his goal in life is to outlive me and then he can go feeling satisfied. Anyway, I have to re-cut the pattern for the sling bag so I can give it to Karen. As some of you might not know, she is an artist, so she can draw. I'm not, and I can't draw. Anyway, my daughter who is 23, but mentally challenged, is starting a cold. I wish I could stay home with her tomorrow and sew... we'll see.. just might have to.. we will see... hope, hope, hope! Tina
Hi All! I am sneaking this writing in while my boss is a the telephone. I say my boss, but it is really my husband. Yes, I am doing what probably every marriage counselor would discourage, I work with both my husband and .. get ready for this.. my father-in-law! Mortal sin and I would not recommend this to anybody unless you are looking for a reason to go insane! Anyway, I took the new sling tote to work today to show it off. People seemed to like it, or at least they said they did. I plan to hopefully make another to put up in our shop within the next week. Back to work. Tina
hi everyone (or no one as the case may be!) i am so happy that tina finished that new sling tote - we will have a new tote type (oooh i like the way that sounds) soon. since tina's was the "prototype" the new bag will not show up for a week or two. stay tuned! i am going to joann's today to get my scissors sharpened (that just sounds wrong) and get some more interfacing to make yet more hats. i absolutely love making hats and bags! i started the out of curtains bag yesterday and she wants a hat too so i need my interfacing. i found some fabric that i like to go with the curtains so again, stay tuned for updates.