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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Office Christmas Cards

Karen and I have a slew (well, just 3, but seems like a lot to us)of shows coming up and I would like to add a new pattern to our collection. The only problem is doing something new always takes more time, and we don't have a lot of time! Oh well, i made the executive decision that I am not going to do the thankless job of addressing a million Christmas cards to send out from the office to our clients. Nobody ever helps me and it takes forever to do. I have my little business that Karen and i want to see succeed and it is not going to succeed if we don't put out the product! Frankly, half of the people I send the cards to probably don't even remember who we are, and the other half probably throw it out. Well, i am just not going to mention it and knowing this group, nobody will think about it until December and by then it will be too late. Senior will get mad probably, but like i have said before, it's not like they pay me or anything! Go ahead and fire me.. I would love it!