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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolution... try and write on blog more. I am going to make another new purse today, and then try and cut out a blouse to sew. I love sewing clothes because i feel it really is my own creation that nobody else has. Very satisfying! But before the fun, i must start de-Christmasing the house. Every year it is the same; i feel like i just got the stupid stuff up and now i have to put it away. And why is it that men don't contribute to the chore at all? They like the decorations all up, but think that a magic elf must come and put it all up and take it all down! This elf is sick of the job! Anyway, another New Year's resolution, remember life is short and try and enjoy everyday... live with less regrets. Also lose weight, exercise more and spend less.... the standing resolutions that make the top ten year in and year out!