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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well, I have been very lazy about writing on this... I have been actually working really hard at work and just don't feel like typing when i get home... I took pictures of me in the new hat I made.. However, after taking about a zillion photos.. I think there are only about 3 that won't scare people. Oh to be young again. Which reminds me.. my sister had a face lift and she looks so good in photos now. Damn! Anyway, I have no money for face lifts so I will just have to keep snapping the camera in hopes that by some miracle, one will actually look ok! I am also back seriously on weight watchers and i am dying of hunger right now.. I have had way too many carrot sticks. Thanks Jessica for being our first follower.. now go do something fun!!!
hello there! well tina and i went to the hair grove (where i get my hair done) and we sold 3 hats! not bad for 2 hours of "work". one of the hats was picked up sunday by a guy buying it for his wife. it was really cute - had cows and hearts on it. mother's day was uneventful. my mother-in-law came for a late lunch of pizza cookery. monday i did about 80 errands, one of which was to pick up the broken (sob, sob) camera. however, i did get to go to michaels and picked up some raffi covered wire to make some more fabric bouquets. i gave the two away that we had on etsy as thank yous to billie (hair grove owner) and joyce (my hair girl who arranged everything for us cuz i was too chicken to ask!) anyway, i made a fabric bouquet today of 3 different red fabrics (2 roses each) and i think it looks good. i actually like making them all the same color. they seem more cohesive or something. anyway, tomorrow i am back to hats. my friend ginny wants her aprons, though so i will have to do them soon. and tina has a new bag pattern to try. can't wait to see it!
p.s. we have a follower! hi jessica and thanks for taking pity on us!