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Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Monday and i am at work, thus my mood. But I have been trying to twitter about our stuff a lot. Why won't somebody buy something for Pete sakes! It is really annoying that other people have way more expensive stuff on line and are selling things and our stuff is so cute and inexpensive! I guess we just have to be discovered, thus, the twitter factor. I did feel virtuous last night because i cute out 2 hats from ancient material that has been sitting in my stack forever. One hat will be for the show and the other will be for CHOC. I plan to work on them this evening when i get home after doing all of my chores. Have to get back to work now, it is billing day and i haven't even started.
so i cut out two hats yesterday but i have to totally redo one of them because it is upside down! what a moron! oh well. i am a little disheartened that our etsy shop is not showing any sales. the two new sling bags tina made are so adorable. and i hate to complain, but we still haven't seen any of our stuff on the front page. but when i go in and look around i see how many people are selling on etsy and i am amazed we have any sales. there is so much competition and everything is so cute. made it myself and artfire are not as popular, but they don't have as much competition. so we are really looking forward to the july craft show for some sales. keep your fingers crossed.