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Sunday, May 31, 2009

the plan for today:
1. sleep in (already did that until my husband called at 8:30 - i never sleep that long!)
2. exercise (check that off, thank goodness - even tho i do it 6 times a week only a masochist would enjoy it!)
3. twitter
4. finish the rosette i was working on last nite at 11 waiting for my children to get home
5. make another cat hat (i sold the last one, remember? right off my head)
so my son rob graduated! there was a drama (there always is with this household!) because we couldn't find his dress shoes. he ended up wearing combat boots! seriously, hey, they were black. it will be a funny story to tell his kids, right? i am a bad mom. and i am going to hell, but at least my friends will all be there!
have a great day!
p.s. tina - your hats are adorable. stop being such a perfectionist! the little imperfections in life make it worth living and plus the hats are handmade, they aren't supposed to look like they are from a factory!
Karen is my dear friend and will always come to my defense. But to clarify things, we do not have a hamster. He died a while ago. The rest is true and she did leave out the 5,000 fish we have. Anyway, my mom and sister come here today to see Eloise, the new pup. Not really to see me. I did try and clean up, but gave up when i realized it was hopeless. I made another hat yesterday and still feel inadequate in my hat making skills. Karen's hats are adorable! Mine look like high school sewing projects. But i will keep trying because one day one is bound to turn out! Have to go do the dishes now.