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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Evening All! I made the new sling bag today. I was a little nervous because i had to draw my own pattern. But I am proud to say that it actually worked and looks cute! Now I am tired. Did tons (and I mean tons) of wash today. It never seems to stop! I wish I could have a weekend where I didn't have to pack so many chores into a small space of time! Actually sit down with a book and read for a while without falling asleep in two minutes! Anyway, another week begins and I must get ready for work tomorrow. Good night, Tina
i finally finished the cow hat. it is really cute. i almost wish i could sell it, but it is promised to my hairdresser. hopefully she will wear it in good health! tina and i are having a mother's day sale on etsy. check it out!
i saw the capelet tina is working on and it is simply gorgeous! she is very modest. she has many, many talents, not the least of which is she is a sewing magician! i am working on finishing my cow hat for the lady who cuts my hair. it is going to be very cute. and then i am going to start on a bag and hat combo made from old draperies! renew, reuse, recycle!!!
Good Morning All! Karen is an amazing person! She has turned into this wonder woman regarding all things technological! She has far surpassed my ability to understand any of it! I am trying to make a pattern for a new type of bag today. I love the bag i am taking it from, but i have to figure out how to draw the pattern. Should be interesting. I am also making this crocheted caplet in a luscious lavender super soft yarn. It is actually turning out ok so far. In other words, i haven't messed it up yet! It is going to be an extremely hot day here today and i am not too fond of the heat. It doesn't work well with my hot flashes! Must go feed all the animals
good morning. tina will be glad to know she is no longer writing in hindi. i must have done that by accident. sorry! check out the pioneer woman if you want a good laugh. she is a really good writer and she cooks and tells you her secret recipes. she lives on a ranch. her life sounds so fun! today i am planning on sewing all day. yesterday tina and i put up new pictures on etsy and it took all day. and i posted them on flickr too. i was exhausted! who knew taking pictures could make you lose your will to live! but the pictures are way better than our previous ones. we are learning from experience how to do this entrepreneurial (i have no idea if that is spelled correctly) thing. have a good day everyone.