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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blog on the Run

I realized I have not been blogging very regularly. I know you have missed me :). Just kidding! But just wanted to keep you apprised of what is going on in the exciting lives of this and that by k and t. Tina is swamped with work and planning the demise of her father-in-law. Kidding!!! But she has been extremely busy at her actual job and then in her free time busily churning out items for our show this Saturday. We are really hoping to do well this time because we have not had the best of luck with craft shows so far (in our vast experience of 4 shows last year!) We have only been able to break even on two shows and the other two we made minimal (100or so each). But we are learning with each one what to expect. And we are continually expanding our inventory so we can see what people want. Mary Ann and I opened a card store together on etsy. check it out here. I decided I was taking too much space up with non apparel items in our this and that store. We haven't had any sales yet but I am hopeful. Mary Ann hooked me up with a lady in Solvang who owns a bookstore and I send her samples to see if she wanted to sell them. So again, I am waiting to see. I figure one of these days, something is going to work for all of us! I honestly don't know how some of the etsians find the time to work on their inventory and do all the social networking, marketing and blogging they get done. It is quite amazing to me (and far beyond my limited skills!) Wish us luck on Saturday.