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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back on Earth

Yes, we took a little trip to HELL last weekend. The craft show did not go well again. But we are still glass is half full people because what other choice is there? It's not like we're going to stop making our fabulous creations - right? Someone, somewhere, is bound to buy them! I really think Crafty Ladies was just not the right place for us. We are going to try the Simi Valley Street Fair in May as well as the Red Rabbit Craft Boutique. Hopefully we'll have better luck! I did get a wonderful order from Bev. So that made me feel good. I really want to figure out how to publish images inside the blog text like other people do. Then I would do more tutorials. (Where did that come from you are wondering...my mind is always flitting from one topic to another. Plus I am very tired but I can't go to bed until my son finishes his math homework. I feel very old!) Anyway, I am just rambling now so I will sign off and write later.