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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Laundry Fairy Would be Nice

I have to agree with my esteem friend that laundry sucks! I have spent the majority of the past two days doing tons of laundry. And, just to add to the "fun", it's about 100 degrees these past few days in the wonderful San Fernando Valley. I have been sewing like a fiend trying to have more inventory for the show. When the show is done, i am going to sit some Saturday and read a book. I adore reading. It is right up there on my list of therapeutic practices as sewing. I love losing myself in books. Imagining the characters and the landscape. And, I'm not a snotty reader. I read everything from classics to total chic lit. I love it all and i'm not ashamed to admit it! My mother-in-law insists that she will only read "Non-Fiction".. or as she frequently says, "I don't read fiction." My response to that, too bad.. she's missing some great fun! Anyway, i digress, as usual. I'm just saying, when this show is done, i plan on relaxing a bit and enjoying some summer time fun and some great books.. and no laundry!

Laundry Fairy

First, let me say, that I really hate doing laundry. It's not "soothing" or "thought-provoking". It is mind-numbingly boring. I need a laundry fairy. And he/she (I am not sexist although I have to say men can't fold) must include folding and putting away in his/her resume. Why does laundry multiply exponentially when you don't have time to do it? And if you neglect to do laundry for even a day, the one outfit you really wanted to wear always seems to be in the pile of "disgustingly dirty" items. And heaven forbid my oldest son doesn't have the correct pair of jeans to wear. Don't get me started on that. What I really want to do all day is sew and paint. Would that it were so (or sew)! Ah well, that would involve a cleaning house fairy and a taxi service fairy too.....