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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Today we are going to Laguna Beach because it is the last year they are putting on a fireworks show. How very sad that this economy is taking away such a simple pleasure. Okay, now I will tell you how I really feel about fireworks. I am totally over the NOISE! Man, I must be getting old because I love seeing them in the sky but I totally hate how LOUD they are! And they start too late. They don't start them until 9:00 pm and by that time I am ready for bed. Okay, I am officially a loser. Well, at least I am still going to pretend that I love them, for the kids' sake. I do love going to the beach and walking around watching the people. People get very territorial with their beach space on the 4th. They stake out their territory at 6 am with their towels and blankets and there are always arguments on "you put your towel on my space" or "we were here first" and "you left so you lose" etc. It's all very exciting!