We are the world's worst fabri - holics. We cannot resist buying fabric even though we already have enough to supply a fabric store for years. We are currently interviewing therapists to help us with this problem but we really need someone who understands and enables us. Want to apply for the job?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so i found a new website that i absolutely love. www.thepioneerwoman.com . what a crack-up this woman is! and i have no idea how she has such a beautiful blog, raises 4 children (and home schools them) and cooks fabulous meals for her cowboy husband. she has got to be exhausted! just reading about her life made me want a nap. but the recipes.....i am thinking about trying her fried onion rings. they look yummy (she is a great photographer, too). i feel completely inadequate telling you all i got done today was to make rob a birthday cake (butter pound with chocolate chunks and milk chocolate icing - ymmm) and i finished a sling bag which turned out cute. but i only have 2 kids and one of them is gone for a week! have a great evening.
I can't believe we have a follower who is somebody we don't know! How exciting is that! Well, as I may have mentioned before, I work for both my husband and my father-in-law. I would not recommend this to anyone, but it works because they are flexible with emergencies which are frequent due to my disabled daughter. Molly is mentally handicapped and has some major pschiatric conditions going on beside the mental retardation. She is 23 years old, but processes like a 3 to 5 year old with major attitude. To say she is a handful would be a huge understatement. Anyway, because she frequently has some major drama at her program which requires me to either pick her up, call her doctor or beg forgiveness from all staff members at her program, i need to be able to stop what i am doing at a moments notice. Anyway, flexiblity is a must. So as one might imagine, my life requires some type of stress relief and sewing is my therapy. Well, sewing and buying fabric. Now it is just a matter of finding the time to do my therapy! I have to get back to my job now. Bye all, Tina