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Sunday, May 17, 2009

hello everyone! it's sunday nite and i just uploaded a whole bunch of new photos to flickr, then i organized them all into sets, then i checked our google analytics (all to get out of starting a new project). i finished another sling bag which turned out cute but they are alot of work (and alot of fabric) and i have a giant headache because my sinuses are clogged (complain, whine, etc.). i saw the new hat tina made and it is way elegant. yes, we are going to have to tone down the screaming loud hats that we love so much so that we appeal to everyone. i guess people are aloud to like elegance rather than cuteness. i made a couple of new ones too but i haven't taken the pictures yet. too lazy. and i think i am going to break down and buy myself a new camera since the expensive one my husband lent me is toast. he is still making me feel bad about that. which i do....but he said i could buy a new one so that is on the docket for this week. i want something a little bigger than the one tina so generously lent me, but not as big as the one i trashed. i like looking thru the little eyehole, not at the finished picture. i have trouble seeing that very well (i know, how lame is that). anyway, stay tuned. oh and, btw, i now have the hideous illness that passed thru tina's family. we share everything!