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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hi everybody! karen here. please, remind me never to use a glue gun at nite when i am tired, again. i may never regain the use of my left hand. which makes it really hard to type. i can now join the mafia because my fingertips don't have ridges anymore. of course, it IS only on one hand. so they probably wouldn't take me. oh well, i guess i will just keep making bags and hats. one handed. i did the orthodontist and dentist today and in the waiting room i made three rosettes, which i stupidly decided to finish tonight instead of cutting out another hat. i mean, how much damage could i do with a pair of scissors? even i couldn't cut off my whole hand...maybe a couple of fingers...anyway, i digress. tina and i are very excited about the next show. hopefully people will come with the idea of buying something.
have a great evening.