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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Football People are Sick!

And not in a good way! Today my 14 year old big teddy bear dude of a son had to scrimmage for football. Now, not only did it get to around 104 today, we had the horrible La Canada fire which has made the air quality extremely poor. The news said we should all stay inside. But the football coach didn't get the memo, I guess. What a nimrod! His elevator obviously stopped at the basement level. So poor Jon slept the day away, probably trying to remember how to breathe. Tina says I should report the coach to the school because the school announced over the loud speaker yesterday that the football team would meet today but only watch films. Needless to say, no films were watched. It was all a ruse to show how tough the team is. Well, Jon is not that tough! Anyway, I am off to make my first smaller version of the sling bag. I just made the pattern today - am looking forward to trying it out.