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Friday, April 10, 2009

well, i put up the new bag. if i do say so myself, i think it is really cute. and it has a matching hat (of course) because i am totally a hat person. i have to wear them because i get skin cancer, so if you have to wear them anyway, at least they should be cute, right?

now i am going to make a hat to match the bag that my step-niece has to take to the market. she goes with her mom to the pacific palisades farmer's market and she is taking one of our bags tomorrow so i told her mom i would make her a hat to match. i hope she likes it.

off to work! i love my job!
Good Morning Folks! While Karen is being positive and creating beautiful items for the world, I am telling everyone out there not to work with you family members, especially your husband and in-laws. That is my life! Anyway, I am sure that Karen's creation will be beautiful! I am going to start a new crochet item tonight which I hope will turn out and will add just that special touch of style to your summer outfit! Back to work now! Tina
Good Morning Anyone! Well today I will be putting up a new style of tote on our etsy website. I am very excited by it. It is much larger than our usual ones and it is made from denim. But the really different thing is that it has inside pockets and really long handles and a fabric rosette. Check it out this afternoon. It should be posted by then. Have a good day!