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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am Still Alive!

Hi All!
I am a terrible partner for poor Karen as she has had to carry the brunt of the blogging and everything else for our wonderful little business. Work does take up a lot of my free time as well as my "adorable" daughter. Just a side note, Molly (the adorable daughter) does take ritalin, among other drugs for her insane hyperactivity. Well, her doctor ran out of the triplicate prescription pads that are required for prescribing ritalin. We are talking about 1 month here of Molly on no ritalin! I am ready to go undercover and try and buy some off some street corner! I'm sure that if she lived with the doctor, he would have filled that prescription long ago! Anyway, as usual, i have digressed. Although i had a sewing flop, (tried a new apron pattern that turned out horrible), i am still hopeful that our aprons will take off. They are super cute. We just have to find the right audience for them. We will continue to work away at our machines and just hope that someday somebody will discover us and the word will spread that our stuff is great! Maybe i need medication!